After being discovered by a passing motorist alone on the road, the poor cat slept off in the vehicle.

One day a man, who worked as a truck driver, almost hit a small stone on the road. This stone turned out to be a kitten. She crawled along the road surrounded by woods.

It is not known whether the kitten was left in the wood or was born there but she was all alone on the road. He took the little one and went straight to the vet. There she was given an injection.

Then she immediately fell asleep in the truck. The truck driver didn’t want to wake the kitten. All the way he enjoyed her puffing.

The man fell in love with the kitten. But unfortunately, he couldn’t pet the kitten because he suffered from allergies. So he began to look for owners for the kitten.

After the announcement, two people wanted to adopt the kitten but the man didn’t see love and affection for the animal in their eyes. The search wasn’t easy but finally, good people were found who adopted another street cat.

Isn’t it wonderful that there are such kind, affectionate people in the world who care about strangers as about their own?

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