After his mother’s death, a pit bull sobs like a baby and begs the UPS driver to take him in.

For the last 15 years, Katie Newhouse has been a UPS driver. Along her route, she’s made it a habit of greeting all the neighborhood dogs with treats and pets.

This is how she met Leo, a sweet pit bull, and his owner Tina Rummel.

Katie and Leo had grown to be great friends over the years, so Katie was beyond distraught when she found out Tina had passed away. This left Leo alone to mourn, as Canon—Tina’s son—was currently serving active duty in the marines. Given the circumstances, Katie couldn’t help but worry about how Leo was holding up emotionally.

When Katie spotted Leo in her car and he wouldn’t let her leave, she decided to take him in until Canon returned from his shift. At his new home, Leo got along well with the other dogs because of his easygoing personality.

He quickly became a part of their lives that they couldn’t imagine living without.

On some days, Leo would terribly miss Tina and sob like a little baby before falling asleep. But his new siblings always cheered him up with their love. It wasn’t long before Katie realized she could not bear to part ways with the sweet Leo.

Katie adopted Leo and gave him the forever home that he deserved. As Leo finally felt safe and sheltered in his new home with his doggo siblings, Katie noticed that his wide smile had returned.

We are so happy that Leo found a happy ending with his new family!

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