After noticing him on Facebook, a woman reunites with her elderly dog who had been lost for nearly a year.

Microchipping dogs and cats is the most likely variant that you can find them when they go missing. There are many stories proving the importance of going through this process.

Recently, a 15-year-old dog reunited with his family after being lost for nearly a year. It was a rainy October day in West Palm Beach when Lisa Raulerson decided to leave the door open for a while.

Unfortunately, after some time she noticed that her dog Sparky was missing.

She was devastated so did his husband. When they adopted Sparky he was a pup. So the dog spent long 15 years with his only human parents.

Lisa didn’t lose her hope and for 2 weeks she was intensively searching for Sparky. Sadly, no efforts helped her to find the beloved dog.

Months passed and nearly after a year Lisa accidentally saw her dog on a Facebook post on lost dogs. She immediately recognized Sparky and contacted the shelter.

Lisa and her husband got so happy and full of life that they didn’t believe their eyes. It’s like living a life with someone and losing him for no reason. Sparky was and is a full family member of the Raulerson family.

Later, the senior dog was given back to his loving family. As the rescuers mentioned Sparky was wandering in the streets when they found him.

We are happy for the reunion of Lisa, her husband and Sparky!

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