After several months apart, the deaf and blind shepherd returned to his owner.

Bitsy is a shepherd dog from Australia who neither hears nor sees from birth. Married couple Steve and Hayden adopted the dog five years ago.

The couple was worried about how a dog with such characteristics would adapt to life and did not really understand how to bring it up.

But Bitsy turned out to be a very intelligent dog. She quickly got used to the house, easily navigated in it. She smelled her food bowl and studied what was in the rooms. Steve became very attached to his pet.

Hayden often took Bitsy with her on her travels. The woman and the dog traveled all over America, visiting new places. When the pandemic began, they were far from home and could not return.

Bitsy missed Steve, who stayed at home. With them was another dog, which also lives with the married couple.

But then the moment came when the owner and the dogs were able to meet. This happened almost a year and a half after the breakup. Hayden videotaped the owner’s touching meeting with the dogs. Everyone is happy now.

What a precious moment it is! We wish this family many happy moments together. Let no condition separate them again.

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