After the owner passes away, a kind UPS worker adopts an adorable pit bull on her route.

Because UPS drivers often travel the same routes every day, and they make ties with the dogs they see.

Some of them even bring toys for their favorite ones, who reward them with kisses.

There are so many particular ties created in this way that there is a Facebook page called – the UPS cutest dogs.

Drivers throughout the country are sharing their amazing interactions with the pups they encounter along the journey.

It’s also the story of Katie Newhouser, a UPS driver who formed an unlikely bond with a gentle giant named Leo on her route.

Katie grew close to Leo’s mother, Tina, so many years.

Tina had to bottle-feed Leo when he was a puppy since he was so small and tiny.

Moreover, Tina became Leo’s mother, and the two built an unbelievable attachment.

They accomplished everything together! Tina died in July, according to a social media post.

The driver, who was devastated by the death, was also concerned about what would happen to Leo.

Katie asked Tina’s son, Cannon, whether he was taking the dog.

But because Cannon was an active one, he couldn’t take Leo in.

As a result, she chose to adopt him.

Because the woman already owned three dogs, she was concerned about how they would respond when they first saw Leo.

Despite the loss of his loving owner, Leo became acquainted with his new family member, remembering how he was greeted with wide arms and a lot of affection.

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