An anxious goose is waiting for her partner outside the hospital as the latter is being operated on.

Lately, a very caring goose was caught on camera, standing next to the vet clinic’s door. She was waiting for her mate, who was undergoing surgery. This happened in Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts.

Before this moment, volunteers noticed a goose nearby struggling to walk. They were worried, and eventually they decided to take Arnold (the male goose) to their vet clinic for examination.

It was found out that the goose had an injury on his foot which was dangerous for life. The only possible way to save Arnold was by operating the bird.

As the specialist told, a turtle or another predator injured him during swimming.

The surprising fact is that not only the vets were concerned about the surgery process but also another mate. The workers immediately recognized the goose. It was Arnold’s girlfriend. She decided to be with the beloved male goose in difficult times.

The clinic employees heard a tapping on the door and lately discovered another goose outside the building. The poor creature remained there during the whole process of surgery.

Thankfully, the vets did a successful operation. Then the medics opened the door, letting the worried goose visit her boyfriend.

Arnold is still in hospital waiting to be fully recovered. The kind vets of the w clinic welcome the goose’s girlfriend every time she appears next to their door!

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