An elderly, blind, and deaf chihuahua from a shelter was able to rediscover happiness.

This little dog’s name is Jelly. She used to live in a nice house with her owner. But when she got old and practically lost her hearing and sight, her owner no longer needed her, and he decided to give her up to a local shelter.

And since then, Jelly has lived in an orphanage. But one day a girl named Elaine visited the orphanage. She immediately drew attention to the unfortunate creature and decided to spend time with her.

The baby immediately made contact with the person and showed a very friendly character.

Later, Elaine recalls that she was a little taken aback by such a sweet and friendly attitude towards herself.

Elaine did not have the opportunity to settle Jelly with her, but she really wanted to help her find a new loving family. She posted the story of her visit to the shelter and pictures of the cute little dog.

Her message spread quickly, and soon a woman named Carlinna McDonell got interested in the dog.

Carlinna really wanted to help the baby and take her home. But she was unable to pay for the treatment that Jelly needed. Then they, together with Elaine, turned to the shelter, presenting their problem to them.

And there they were told that Jelly’s medical bills were being paid by a charitable organization and they would gladly continue to do so when the dog was in a new home with a new owner.

After completing all the necessary papers, Carlinna took the baby home. Now they live together in a house full of love.

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