An otter and a cat lovingly slumber in an embrace, displaying a unique bond.

Living in Japan, the owner of the red-haired cat Mοchi long ago started up a channel on YouTube to publish all kinds of funny nonsense.

But one cat in the house was small and recently there was also another addition – an otter named Sakura.

At first, they were alertly related to each other, but then the barrier was broken and this moment appeared on the video.

The cat Mοchi and the otter Sаkura go to bed.

For otters to hold on to each other, they hug and maintain close contact. At first, Mochi looked with disbelief at the small paws stretching out to her. What does this strange beast want?

Gradually, affection and love did their job, Mochi learned to sleep peacefully in the presence of Sakura. And a few days ago she allowed herself to be hugged, to the great joy of the owners of the animals. Made friends!

The sleepy hug video has received over a million views. Many people commented how precious and lovely they both are. The otter that initiated the friendship and the cat that was ready to accept it.

But, despite the general emotion of the video, there were also critics. Such otters are not pets, and taking them out of the wild is against the law.

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