At a shelter, an abandoned dog is thrilled to meet his family, but they are there for different purpose.

Meet Zuzu, a two-year-old German shepherd who must have experienced what it’s like to be abandoned.

Zuzu lived with a family that had kept her father, but after his death, she became depressed and unhappy. One day, she jumped over the fence and went into her neighbors’ garden.

The latter, unhappy with this unwanted guest, called the animal control service who took Zuzu to the animal care center in Downey, California.

«She’s a friendly girl, but I felt sadness and confusion,» Lara, a volunteer at the shelter, told The Dodo Desi. «Most dogs frolic in the yard. She walked slowly, nervous to look around.»

However, during one adoption weekend, Zuzu had completely changed. She ran around the shelter yard and wagged her tail like crazy — Zuzu said «Hello» to her former family. Unfortunately, they were there to adopt a new dog instead of Zuzu. She was no longer happy enough for them and their solution was to simply replace her.

As a result, a rescue organization will come to find Zuzu and find him an «exceptional» family. She will leave the shelter shortly and hopefully end up in a home that will appreciate the kindness of this dog and understand that the depression that followed the death of her father was a natural phase that she had to go through.

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