Baby seal discovered in the middle of the road refuses to return to the ocean

At around 1:30 a.m., the Cape Elizabeth Police Department received an unusual call from a public works employee — about a seal in the middle of the road.

Confused, an officer went to check it out and found the seal hanging out on the road and enjoying the snow, completely unbothered. The officer knew he didn’t belong there and managed to secure him and bring him back to the ocean. Then, at 7 a.m., another call came in. The seal was back.

Once again, the seal was brought back to the ocean, and an hour later, he was spotted in the same neighborhood again. Maybe it was the smell of the local donut shop or the small-town feel, but whatever it was, the seal really, really wanted to hang out there. Knowing he might need some extra help, the police department got in touch with Marine Mammals of Maine, who brought the seal to their center to make sure he was OK.

“His exam indicated he was recently weaned from his mom and unfortunately has been having a tough time on his own,” Marine Mammals of Maine wrote in a Facebook post. “He is underweight and will remain at our hospital for much-needed nutrition and care until ready for release.”

It turns out the young seal was just looking for some company, which his friends at the center are more than happy to provide, until he’s ready to head out on his own again. For now, he’s getting lots of rest after his many, many escapades.

“After all his adventures over the last 24 hours, he has spent the entire day sleeping and suckling his flippers,” Marine Mammals of Maine wrote.

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