Beluga whale pair can’t stop smiling of joy: they are rescued from performing as show animals

It took almost a decade for two beluga whales to be set free from their captivity. These two majestic animals – Little Gray and Little White finally had the chance to live in freedom!

It was a great day for animals and they couldn’t keep their excitement when the animal rescue team relocated them!

The pair of whales spent nine years at Shanghai Ocean World as entertainers. They were forced to do tricks in order to get daily food. They were taken to China back in 2011 from a Russian research center.

Afterward, they were far away from the ocean and it seemed the whales would never go back home.

Gladly, now thanks to the UK-based charity group named Sea Life Trust this sweet pair received the opportunity to go back to the ocean. The area of their new home is 6,000 miles away – in Iceland.

This is a fine story of two whales who after almost ten years have got the chance to swim in the open ocean.

Soon, a plane journey was waiting for these two. The mammals safely arrived at their new home!

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