Brown panda was abandoned by his mother and is now living peacefully in his panda valley.

I have never heard of a person who hates pandas. These admirable balls of sweetness are favorite animals for many people.

Though they are playful and sometimes trouble makers, they are still cute and lovely. These funny guys make us smile. It’s hard to get enough of them.

Although pandas are special creatures but in the world of pandas there is one special panda named Qizai. This fluffy boy doesn’t have the standard colors of black and white.

He is the only known brown panda. Specialists say that he has a specific genetic mutation that caused the color of his fur.

Poor Qizai was abandoned by his mom and other pandas when he was a cub because of his different appearance. Found in the hills of Central China, Qizai was in a weak condition. The poor cub was bullied and neglected by his siblings.

Gladly, now he grows up in a peaceful and loving atmosphere. He is 9 years old and enjoys his joyful life in the Foping Panda Valley.

He eats 44 lb of bamboo a day and weighs about 220 lb.

Qizai is a giant ball. Although he walks slower than other pandas, he is doing well and has no health issues.

Qizai hasn’t ever mated before but there is a date fixed with an 18 years old female panda named Zhu Zhu.

We hope that Qizai will be a dad of another rare brown panda.

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