Clever dog saw students buying cookies and collected leaves to pay for the treat too

A dog named Negro is definitely not one of those who will wait for people to bring him tasty treats. When she wants to eat, she found a way to get her own food. Yes, yes, you heard right, Negro goes and buys himself something to eat.

Negro nailed to the campus of a technological university in Colombia and grew up there. He became a watchdog and looks after the students, and he is also considered a kind of school mascot, as he is extremely friendly and charming.

Students are friends with him and regularly feed him, but there are never many goodies and Negro did not want to depend on others, and then an incredibly brilliant idea came into his dog’s head.

Seeing how students buy cookies in a store, he noticed that they were paying with banknotes and decided that he could quite exchange something for cookies and showed up at the store with a leaf in his mouth and, wagging his tail cheerfully, made it clear that he wanted to cookies.

The store employees couldn’t believe their eyes when he entered the store with a large leaf in his mouth and gently pulled it to the cashier and patiently waited for him to accept the payment and give him the goodies.

It was impossible to refuse such a clever girl and Negro got his cookies. And then it became a tradition: the dog regularly appears with a leaf and asks for cookies, and now it is a daily ritual.

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