Cute lion cubs rejected by mother get adopted by caring German Shepherd

Keeping an animal in captivity affects him both mentally and physically.

Therefore, when cubs are born to them, lions can easily abandon them.Unfortunately when we rescue those animals their instincts do not come back and that’s the saddest part of it.

Our story is about a lioness named Sirona who gave birth being in captivity.

It was a very happy event for the staff but it was not so exciting for the lioness.

Her mother instincts didn’t arise in her and the worst thing happened.She rejected her cubs after giving them birth.

As the cubs were tiny, they decided to change their location.The staff knew that the little cubs cannot survive without their mother.

However, the cubs didn’t stay alone. Another resident of a park a kind-hearted German Shepherd named Sandra became their mother.

The dog is very caring and attentive.She immediately adopted the two cubs and acted like they were her own babies.

She takes care for them and is very attentive.The two cubs were comfortable with their adoptive mother who saved their life.

The cubs didn’t stay alone. German Shepherd will take care of them and will be by their side till the end of their life.

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