Dehydrated stray dog found by the road cries for joy when rescuer saves her

Tania Cappulleti ventured out on a very hot Sunday in Costa Rica with the purpose of finding a very shy, cream-colored stray dog she had spotted over the previous week.

Tania was unable to locate the puppy she was seeking for, but she did locate another in severe need of rescue.

So, Tania pulled her car over for a dark and skinny puppy sitting along the side of a sandy road far from any settlement.

Therefore, Tania told the news that her initial thoughts when she spotted this dog were the same as they were, whenever she encounters a stray.

Thus, Tania approached this adorable pet, and the dog collapsed upon the asphalt, weeping.

Tania moved Gaia to a foster, who had initially agreed to accept the cream-colored puppy that Tania had been looking for.

There was some misunderstanding when Tania arrived to the foster home with Gaia.

Gaia was then transported to the vet, where it was discovered that, despite her condition, she didn’t require much medical attention.

Gaia was in her foster home for five weeks before her adoptive mom, Johann Foment, saw her portrait posted on the social media page of OSA Peninsula Rehabilitation and Adoptions.

A Costa Rican group that provides spay and neuter treatments as well as adoption services.

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