Dog adopts orphaned monkey after humans poisoned his mother.

Monkeys in India are not the most beloved animals and they often suffer due to human cruelty.A huge number of them live there and they often cause damage to the crop, which is why they treat them the same way as they treat all other parasites.

This happened with the mother of this little monkey, and without a parent, he could not survive, however, he was lucky quite unexpectedly.Photographer from India Prakag Badal witnessed an amazing scene during a visit to one of the states of his country.

He paid attention to a stray dog by the side of the road, and on its back a baby monkey was climbing, very small, it could not have looked more than two weeks old.

Then the residents said that they gave poison to the mother of the monkey, as she could be dangerous for the harvest.For India, this is a common thing and the presence of a large number of monkeys is one of the key problems in the agricultural sector.

But the cub did not have a single chance to survive without mother’s milk and care, however, the pregnant street dog managed to rush to the rescue and now they are simply inseparable.

The dog gets food and shares it with the baby, they sleep in an embrace, play together and walk around the city.The photographer assures that such relationships are very rare and dogs and monkeys almost never get along peacefully, but, apparently, this dog was controlled by maternal instinct.

And now, no one knows yet whether the dog will be just as kind with the monkey after the birth of its own cubs, but then the monkey will be able to survive on its own.

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