Dog happiness: the pit bull was entrusted to raise kittens which is all he wants to do every day

A large dog of a formidable breed, but with calf eyes lives in a family from Southern California. They adopted Ozi from a shelter a few years ago. And all this time the animal suffered unbearably, silently and sadly … because he had no one to take care of.

As the editors learned, Ozi has hypertrophied feelings of responsibility and compassion, he needs not only to serve and protect but to babysit.

Ozi’s problem was that he ended up in an ordinary, average family, with an established rhythm of life. There are three children in it and no more are planned, but the youngest at the age of 5 prefers to spend time with a tablet, and not a dog, and he no longer needs all-round care.

There is an old cat Norm, but if only to sleep in the sun and eat, Ozi with his love causes only irritation. The dog would be happy to meet and play with all the children in the area, but how many parents will agree to entrust their child to a pit bull, albeit with kind eyes?

As the owner joked, Ozi suffered so much from the lack of application of love and friendliness that if robbers broke into their house, the first thing he would do was bring them slippers, a blanket and a cup of chamomile tea.

The “good boy” was in dire need of someone to really take care of, and finally, his dream came true. In the middle of summer, a stray cat appeared on the street in the neighborhood, which they called Vinya. A month later, Vinya gave birth to five kittens and Ozi became the happiest of dogs.

Vinya is only glad to throw off part of her motherly duties, especially since now she is not homeless, but a legitimate guest in Ozi’s house.

One of the kittens, nicknamed Troublemaker, liked Ozi so much that the dog hints in every possible way – let’s keep him! I’ll take a look, don’t worry! And next year, you see, more kittens will appear and I will have real dog happiness …

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