Dog stuck on ice for four days, but then found a permanent home with his rescuer

In Detroit, right in the middle of the river, passers-by saw a small curly puppy sitting right on the ice floe.It was clear that the baby was very frozen , but he couldn’t get to the shore on his own.

It was surrounded by ice and very cold water, and birds of prey often flew nearby and coyotes passed by, who would not mind something to profit from.

For four days, no one dared to pull the poor animal out of there, until a man named Jude Mead appeared in this area. He immediately began to think about how to save the dog.

By this time, the news of the dog stuck on an ice floe had spread throughout the city and many people gathered to look at it and even brought Judah an airboat, with which he was able to get to the dog and pull it ashore.

The man took the dog to the vet, where he was diagnosed with frostbite on the paws, pancreatitis and severe dehydration. The puppy was given the nickname Alfonso, he recovered and was taken to a shelter.

This very shelter began to receive a lot of calls and letters from those who wanted to become the owners of this dog, but the staff considered the candidacy of Jude, because no one would have coped with this role better than his savior.
He was ready for this and happy Alfonso went to Canada with his new owner.

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