Dolphins rescued a terrified dog from a Florida Channel.

Did you know that dolphins are sea creatures, very intelligent and curious?

They are so intelligent that they know how to recognize people or animals that are in danger and help them. Besides, their sense of humor is so developed and do unpredictable things.

In this story, it is a brown burrow that was in danger after falling into the waters of Marco Island which is in Florida. The dog was drowning and no one was nearby to help him. Several people approached the canal to see what was going on. Suddenly a miracle of nature occurred when dolphins surrounded the little dog.

One of them pushed the exhausted dog with his nose to keep him out of the water and the other got under the dog to carry him on his back to the sea.

It was then that passers-by called the firefighters who arrived on site to save the animal by giving it first aid.

The poor animal had been in the water for nearly 15 long hours swimming and its little body could not continue like this.

Congratulations to the dolphins and firefighters!

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