Family cats and dogs help bring kitten back to life after she was found at 3 days old

Fiona, a 3-day-old kitten, was brought to Hamilton Humane (in Indiana) as a singleton in severe need of assistance.

She weighed only 82 grams and was the size of a newborn kitten.

Kelsey Minier, a rescue foster volunteer, took her in and began round-the-clock care.

“She had an upper respiratory infection but was too little to be treated,” Kelsey told the shelter.

They kept the little tabby warm and fed him, as well as providing additional care.

Fiona began to gain weight and strength, and she ultimately grasped the bottle on her own.

Things were going smoothly for a few days before suddenly deteriorating.

“She began to lose energy and stopped eating.

The next day, we took her to the shelter veterinarian.

They examined her and took x-rays, but they couldn’t uncover a genuine solution.

We were given antibiotics, the least amount possible owing to her size, “Kelsey informed the news.

Kelsey kept syringe-feeding the kitten as her feline and canine companions offered continual emotional support.

Fiona was strong enough that afternoon to push herself up and make a brave effort to feed from a bottle again.

“She suddenly latched and drank more than she had in two days.

We sobbed. We were overjoyed, “Kelsey told Love Meow about it.

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