Firefighters get together to help an old horse get back on his feet following a fall.

It’s a firefighter’s duty to help out everyone in their community, whether they be human or animal. Fire crews often help get our four-legged friends out of some very tricky situations.

That was the case this week, when three fire departments came together to help an elderly horse get out of the mud.

Emily Lesko of Beaver County, Pennsylvania is the owner of a 32-year-old horse named Leggs. Recently, the horse was in distress after falling down outside, and was unable to get back up.

“I was looking out the window and it looked like he was rolling and the next thing I knew he couldn’t get up,” Emily told KDKA. The horse was stuck helplessly on the ground, in the freezing cold weather.

She called for help, and soon firefighters from the Darlington Township Volunteer Fire Department as well as three other local departments arrived at the farm to help.

According to KDKA, the firefighters worked together to comfort the horse and keep him warm while they found a way to get him upright.

A vet gave Leggs steroids and the firefighters lifted him up, pulling him by a lead from the front and a lift strap from behind.

Eventually the horse made it back onto his legs, and he was able to walk himself to the barn, much to the relief of the horse’s owner.

“If they wouldn’t have come, we would have lost him because he wouldn’t have made it. I can’t thank them enough,” Emily said.

Thankfully, Leggs is back on his legs, and is reportedly doing fine now, safe and warm with no injuries.

“The horse is doing much better now,” Darlington Township Volunteer Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

The fire officials were thanked for their hard work that saved the horse’s life.

“We can not thank enough all the crews that responded today,” Thad Timmins wrote in a reply on Facebook. “If it wasn’t for all u men and women there would of been no way we could of got Leggs back up standing.”

We’re so glad this horse is safe, warm and back on his feet, thanks to the hard work of these firefighters. It shows the amazing things that can happen when people work together to help animals.

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