Flying dragons, commonly referred to as «draco,» are a true wonder of nature.

Dragons have attracted people for millions of years.

Moreover, these mythical animals have captured the imaginations of many poets and authors.

Regrettably, dragons do not exist.

Nonetheless, experts have discovered a species that closely resembles dragons, and this animal will leave you speechless.

Soaring dragons are the same reptiles – lizards.

Moreover, they come from the Agamidae group, that inhabit in the tropical jungles of South East Asia.

Here are a few incredible shots of them.

These creatures are 8 to 10 inches long and have coverings on the ends of their trunks.

Wings allow them to quickly glide from one tree to the next and go up to 60 meters while loosing only 10 meters of height.

Their primary food source are insects such as tree ants.

Unless it’s breeding period, they don’t generally come down from the branches.

Therefore, the male attracts females by using the membranes, and so the mating process starts.

The female produces eggs after copulation.

It digs a little hole and lays approximately 4-5 eggs, which it covers with soil and plants.

The female only spends 24 hours with the eggs. She afterwards abandons them and returns to the tree.

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