«For 11 years, the dog has been waiting for its owner at the site of the tragedy by the side of the road, hoping to see them.»

In Tobolsk, a dog named Mishka has been living on the side of the road for over ten years. The look in this dog’s eyes is filled with sadness, but occasionally a glimmer of hope appears. It all began in 2012 when Mishka’s owner became a victim of a road accident at a pedestrian crossing.

Since then, Mishka became a wanderer, tormented by the hope of his owner’s return.

Local residents take care of the dog: they feed him and try to monitor his well-being. Since people started writing about Mishka on social media, the number of those who want to see him and help him has significantly increased.

There have been several attempts to find Mishka a new home, but each time he returned to his spot on the roadside, choosing it over the comfort of a home. Understanding his attachment to this place, the residents even built a small shelter for him right there.

Many drivers and passersby stop to offer Mishka food or simply speak kind words to him. Even veterinarians occasionally come to check on him.

Despite all the care and attention he receives, what is most valuable to Mishka is to continue his endless waiting.

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