For the first time in two decades, the “Magic Bunny” was captured on camera.

This very cute baby is a rare species of animals that are endangered and in the last twenty years he was caught in the camera lens for the first time.

According to experts estimates, now the population of wild rabbits barely reaches a thousand individuals and they live in China.

They were first discovered in the Chinese Tien Shan mountains in 1983 and in almost 40 years their population has declined by 70%.

They are incredibly similar to teddy bears, but they included to the rabbit family, and scientists argue that they are very little studied due to their rarity and living in rugged mountains.

Li Weidong who is an employee of the wildlife protection organization, said that he himself discovered this rabbit and learned that the species is endangered, so he will do everything to save them, as he will feel a sense of guilt if this happens in front of him.He and his colleagues named these creatures «Magic Bunnies».

Every year, due to human activity, a huge number of wild animals are destroyed, which is an irreparable damage to nature and it is a great happiness that people have become aware of their responsibility to nature over the past decades and are doing everything to minimize the damage from human activity.

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