For the owner of the Alabai, it remained a mystery why his dog refuses to sleep in the booth

Yuri ran a tourist base that adjoined the Chumash River in the Kemerovo region. He lived there in the company of a faithful and beloved dog and a reliable guard of the Alabai breed.

The most frequent vacationers at this base were employees of nearby factories. And then, once a man noticed that the pet, for unknown reasons, did not want to fall asleep in the booth.

At first, he did not particularly fixate his attention on this, but then, when there was a very heavy downpour, he still did not go into the booth, but remained wet and then the man began to doubt.

When he came up to see what was happening there and looked into the booth, he was, to put it mildly, amazed: in the booth of his pet, a mother-dog was sleeping along with her pets, and he could not understand how they ended up there.

Suddenly, he remembered that a Laika dog had recently run up to them at the base and had been playing with his Alabai all day. Then he did not see anything unusual in this, since the dogs often dropped in to visit.

And so, as it turned out, that same husky returned to give birth to his dog in the booth. The man was able to find the dog’s owner, it was a worker from a nearby base, but they decided not to separate the dogs for now and wait until the cubs get a little older.

Then the dogs were identified by the owners, and Yuri decided to keep one, which most resembled outwardly Alabai.

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