Foster daddy-dog of orphans-ducklings gives his warmth and love to the little birds

Love has no boundaries. Love knows no language. Love is ready to care for others even if they are fully strange beings. And in the case of this story, we have exactly an example of true love for other creatures.

This wonderful labrador dog proved that love and compassion are inherent in all living things. And he gained fame on the Internet a year ago, thanks to his selfless deed, when he took orphaned ducklings into foster care and attention.

He raised birds and gave them basic knowledge of survival and life in this world.

And what do you think? This year he repeated his “parental” feat – taking care of six more babies from the brood of the Muscovy duck. At first, there were 14 of them – but then the mother, for some reason, refused these six.

And 11-year-old Fred (that is the name of the dog) again caused the affection of social media users, taking on education and these, fortunately, last year’s experience has not yet been forgotten.

Fred is next to his new family all the time, warms them with his warmth, licks, walks. And the chicks abandoned by their mother have already mastered the wisdom of quickly climbing on the back and head of their foster father.

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