German shepherd acts bravely to protect his owner, pursuing robbers and suffering severe injuries.

The loyalty of dogs is legendary. Although, why legends? This case is quite real. A case about what an ordinary dog ​​is ready to go to save its owner.

Javier Mercado, a 16-year-old teenager, was alone at home. There was nobody there except for the dog Rex. At about noon, Javier was attracted by noise from the street: an unfamiliar car drove up to the house.

After some time, the sound of broken glass was heard below. Rex was the first to react. The dog, barking loudly, rushed down to meet the intruders.

The short-term struggle ended in nothing: when Rex returned to the second floor, Javier, hiding in the closet, had already called the police. The criminals, not feeling much resistance, decided to go upstairs.

But brave Rex was not going to retreat: he rushed at the robbers again and again until they used firearms.

Only after the fourth shot Rex fell exhausted … But from afar, the sound of police sirens was already heard, and therefore the criminals had to urgently retreat.

In total, Javier stayed in the closet for about an hour. Frightened, confused, he no longer thought that he would see his faithful friend alive. But Rex survived despite being seriously injured.

The funds needed for the operation and recovery were collected by volunteers. Today the brave dog is on the mend, rehabilitation is ahead.

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