Giant pit bull with even bigger heart sits in shelter because of his size

When Ace arrived at Ventura County Animal Services, the first thing everyone noticed was his size. At only 2 years old, he’s a gigantic 103-pound pittie.

His family had been caring for him for another family member and had never planned to keep him long term, and after exhausting every option they could think of to try and find him a home, they had to surrender him to the shelter. No one was able to take him in, potentially because of his size, and now the shelter is worried that history may repeat itself.

Even though Ace might look a little intimidating, he’s the definition of a gentle giant. He loves other dogs, especially smaller ones, and just wants to chill out, explore a little and get lots of pets from people he cares about.

“Our fear with Ace [is] that, as a 103-[pound] pit bull, people might not give him a chance to show how kind and gentle he is,” Jules Hooper of Ventura County Animal Services told The Dodo. “We think he’s a beautiful boy and will win over the hearts of the right people.”

Ace has only been at the shelter for a few days so far and is still warming up to his new surroundings. He’s more interested in all of his new dog friends than people right now, but his previous family said he loves attention, so there’s no doubt he’ll warm up once he’s all settled in.


He’s taken all the change in stride, and his friends at the shelter are hoping to move him on to his forever home as quickly as possible.

“We think Ace would do best in a home with another mellow dog and a yard where they can play,” Hooper said. “Because of his size, he can be a strong puller on walks. An adult with the strength to guide him on [a] leash would be ideal. The most important thing is that he gets a loving family!”

Ace is fully house-trained and crate-trained, and pretty quiet and well-behaved when he’s roaming around the house. He’s the definition of a chill guy — he just needs a family to chill out with.

Ventura County Animal Services is currently offering fee-waived adoptions through January 8th due to overcrowding in their shelters. They’re actively looking for adopters and fosters for all of their animals — but would really love it if they could find cool guy Ace a home by the end of the weekend.

If you’re interested in adopting Ace, you can contact Ventura County Animal Services for more information.

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