Grateful penguin swims almost 10,000 kilometers every year to show gratitude to the person who saved his life

Magellanic penguin named Jinjin is a resident of the Argentinean and Chilean coasts, however, every year he swims to sunny Brazil to express his gratitude to Joao. After all, it was in this country that the man who saved his life lived.

Joao is 71 years old and works with a bricklayer in a small village near Rio de Janero and found him ten years ago when Jinjin was lying on the beach. The penguin fell into an oil slick and an oil film from the fuel covered its plumage.

It would seem that nothing could save her and the end of the bird is near. But Joao took the penguin home and began to clean the feathers from the oil,fed fresh fish daily so that Jinjin would gain strength and get stronger.

A few days later, he wanted to release the penguin, but the baby became so attached to Joao that he did not even want to leave. He lived for almost a year with a man, after he changed his feathers, he disappeared abruptly.

Joao did not expect to see the penguin again, however, a couple of months later, Gingin appeared again. He sailed to the boat in which his savior went fishing, saw him home and again stayed with him for several months.

And this has been going on for quite a long time, nine years. Jinjin comes to visit Joao and stays from the beginning of summer until the end of winter, and then leaves, most likely to Patagonia.

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