Grieved and devastated girl sees her dog’s face in the clouds hours after he passed away

Our pets are our souls. They are our best friends that comfort us on bad days and make us smile when we are upset. So when they pass away, we miss them so much, knowing that we will never meet them again.

Some people believe that our pets go over the ”rainbow bridge” waiting for us in the next life.

A similar story happened to a girl that just lost his best friend – 14 years old Jack Rusell terrier that died after suffering a seizure.

The dog’s owner is 19 years old Lucy Ledgaway that lives in York, England. The girl was devastated after her beloved dog Sunny passed away.

Lucy couldn’t reconcile with the situation. She was crying for a long time, grieving the death of her favorite animal. She took a car ride with her boyfriend to breathe some fresh air and clear her head.

Lucy reached the place where she used to take Sunny for walks. Lucy wanted to feel her presence and find comfort.

She thought about seeing Sunny for the last time in the clouds. Knowing that it’s nonsense, she looked upon the clouds and suddenly saw Sunnie’s face.

Lucy started crying out of longing.

Some doubtful people may say that it was by coincidence or there is no animal face on the photo but this is how Lucy felt about her dog.

Lucy is assured that Sunny tried to tell her that she is doing good.

The girl felt warmth and relief in her heart, knowing that her dog was OK.

Her tweet gained more than 100,000 likes, and many people believed in the photo where Sunny’s face shape is obviously seen.

Many people shared similar photos and the same experience that Lucy had.

It’s so good to know that Lucy could let her dog go and continue to live.

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