He returned. The dog was abandoned by the owners, and for a long time he was looking for a way to his house

For a long time, Archie was the favorite dog of his owners, however, then the elderly and sick dog was no longer needed and they did not come up with anything better than to put the unfortunate in a car and take him away from home, at a distance of two hundred kilometers, and left him in a deserted area.

Archie did not understand why people did this and decided that he had to return. For three long weeks the old dog walked along the dusty roads, finding some food and water from the muddy puddles.

One day, the neighbors noticed Archie by the road, they recognized him and called out to him, to which the dog reacted. It seemed to them that the dog was simply lost, because he had owners, but the reaction of the owners shocked them. They said that the dog was no longer interested in them and they would not come for him.

But tender-hearted people did not leave him to live alone. The neighbors were in a hurry to go on vacation and left him with friends, and then, when they returned, they sheltered Archie.

This act even angered the former owners, because they found out that the dog they abandoned lives in the neighborhood.Everyone understood their heartlessness and cruelty, and one can only guess, are they not tormented by conscience at all, or do such people have no conscience?

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