Heartbroken dog ignored at park receives mom’s best present

Axel loves meeting new people. The 2-and-a-half-year-old Rottweiler tries to make friends with everyone he passes while on his daily walks to the park. But sometimes, the big-hearted pup leaves without a single friend, or pet.

“This sort of thing happens nearly every time we leave the house,” Axel’s mom, Rianna, told The Dodo. “People judge him by the way he looks before they even get to know him.”

Recently, Axel was on a walk around his favorite park when, once again, his requests for love were ignored.

“[He] wanted to greet everyone with a big smile to say hello to all the people,” Rianna said. “He didn’t understand why all the other dogs were getting such a fuss and why no one wanted to stroke him.”

The sad pup appeared let down when he noticed the difference in attention.

“He felt really left out, and when he got home, he climbed onto my chest for a cuddle,” Rianna said.

You can watch Axel getting his special cuddles here:

Despite the way Axel is treated in the world, Rianna is grateful for the social media followers who shower her beloved pup with love — just as she does.

“He loves everyone he meets and taps people with his needy paws so they hold his hand,” Rianna said. “If you let go, he’ll put his paw right back in your hand! He is a big, gentle giant whose favorite thing is making people smile, but sometimes he forgets how big he is and I have to remind him he can’t fit on everyone’s lap.”
Rianna got Axel when he was just 8 weeks old as a companion to her other dog, Nala. But even with Axel’s size, Rianna said he still thinks he’s a puppy who loves love.

“This boy is a cuddle monster,” Rianna said. “He would spend all day snuggled up to me. He also does this funny thing where he wraps one paw around your waist and puts his head on your shoulder to give you a real-life hug!”

The compassionate dog also senses when Rianna is upset and brings her his favorite toy or offers a cuddle. Even if strangers at the park don’t see how big Axel’s heart is, Rianna does.

“Axel changed my life completely,” Rianna said. “He is my dream dog and whole world. He fills me with happiness every day and makes me feel like the luckiest dog mum in the world!”

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