Historian Discovers Something Adorable in a ‘Long-Forgotten’ Film Roll

Humanity may be bound together by a history of discovery, conflict and change — but across the long arc of time, there’s at least one thing shared that’s stayed the same.

And that’s people’s love for puppies.

In the early 1940s, war was raging across the Pacific — including in the Philippines. So, recently, when historian and archivist Gregory Schnakenberg uncovered an old metal box containing a roll of film labeled “The Philippines 1942,” he had reason to believe it might offer an unseen glimpse at that infamous conflict.

“Excited at possibly discovering lost WWII footage, I sent it to specialists for care and digitization,” Schnakenberg wrote on Twitter.

But when the film came back, Schnakenberg realized his suspicions were wrong. Rather than grim scenes of war, the “long-forgotten” footage was of something quite the opposite:

Not surprisingly, Schnakenberg’s tweet quickly went viral — further confirming how much even old footage of puppies can resonate in people’s hearts.

Though many details about the footage may be lost to time — like who was holding the camera, the precise location and date, and what became of the playful pups — the motivation to film at all feels intrinsically relatable.

It was a scene simply too cute not to capture.

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