Homeless and extremely cute pitbull never stops smiling after being rescued

If you are still subject to the stereotype that pit bulls are a dangerous and aggressive breed of dog, then you simply do not know the hero of this story. Meet the kindest and most sensitive pitbull in the world — Brinks.

Just look at his charming smile! However, the fate of this doggie was not always so joyful. She was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn.

And just then he met with John and his dog Demo. Communication and friendship arose from the very first time, and John could not remain indifferent to this wonderful dog and picked him up to help.

For a month he was looking for a permanent home for him and then he realized that he was unable to part with this wonderful dog, who at that time was only 11 months old.

And now, Brinks is already an adult 12-year-old dog, but he does not stop smiling and thanking for his saving — wonderful, isn’t it? John shared that the most incredible thing is that the pet smiles just like a person in response to certain situations from which he is pleased.

He smiles when he is given his favorite treat or when the owner greets him in the morning. He also loves to drive a car, lie on the beach or warm himself by the fire, all this gives a wonderful, cheerful doggy a lot of emotions that are reflected on his face.

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