In Australia a vagrant sheep was caught that left her shepherd and wandered for 5 years

There is a merino sheep farmer living near Canberra. These sheep are distinguished by their valuable wool, which is very dense and grows quickly.

Once every three months, it is necessary to trim these sheep, because lice or parasites can get on it, and such wool becomes dirty quickly.

A very interesting story happened with one of the sheep of this man.

During a walk, the lamb got lost. They searched for her for a long time in the vicinity, but did not find her. The farmer hoped that she would come back on her own, but this did not happen.

After a couple of months, the owner finally gave up trying to find her, but five years after the loss, she still returned.

The farmer hardly recognized her: She was overgrown, her dirty coat was infested with parasites. And when looking to her you would see a giant ball of wool.

The poor animal had difficulties with taking that weight and also with eyesight.

The sheep farmer had to invite the best “hairdresser” of sheep, who suffered from wool for 6 hours.

42 kg of wool left on the floor after shearing. It is safe to say that the sheep was greatly relieved.

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