Kesha is the only cat living on Svalbard in Norway and has the complete attention of people

Each country has its own laws and customs, which everyone will try to adhere to. For example, the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard also has specific criteria. One of them is the ban on the placement of cats.

This law was adopted back in the 90s, it is, in fact, that cats are supposed to be a danger to the well-being of people, transferring fear of hydration and various infections.

But there is always an exception from any criterion, for example, here too. On all this land, everything really lives, even a cat named Kesha.

The animal is not a pet; he lives on the street, people feed him and have every chance to play with him. Nobody understands or remembers how he was seen there.

But almost everybody is already inventing a large number of legends about the mysterious appearance of the tailed beast in the archipelago.

The Norwegian climate is quite cool, as a result of this, Kesha has grown a thick coat for himself.

But when it gets unbearably cold outside, the cat is still taken by one family. And you don’t know is Kesha lucky to get the full attention and love of people, or the opposite – he is a lonely cat?

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