Kids find dog floundering in dirty water and understood they can’t save him on their own.

It was a sunny summer day and the guy was happy that he would finally be home soon.He was passing his motorcycle past the field and suddenly heard a strange loud sound, reminiscent of crying. It felt like someone was asking for help.

The guy came closer to understand what was the matter, but the voices were heard from the side of the gutter. Here he saw a tiny dog floundering in the water. He was fragile and pounded with his paws on the water, which looked like a dark puddle.

At times, the dog paused and caught the side of the paws to take a break. There were two children near and they reached for the dog with their hands, but could not get it. The place was deep and too dirty and the kids were scared themselves.

But the puppy began to fight when he saw that he had support and that he was not alone in his misfortune, and this moral support was worth a lot. When the boys saw the guy next to them, they were very happy, realizing that he could help.

Is that what happened, the young man carefully entered the water and after a minute he was holding a small dog in his hands, which all this time kept on the surface only by a wonder.

The same guy took the baby home and fed him pasta. The guy did not tell about the further fate of the dog, but we really hope that he took the dog, whom he was able to save.

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