Kitten thanks his new owners for taking him in and starts playing with their cats right away.

Tara had no idea that a trip to the store to get something for her cat would result in the arrival of a new member to the family.

She was out running errands a few months back when she learned about a cat in need of a home.

Tara felt forced to view the cat as an animal rescuer and was quickly in love with it.

As a fact, the tabby had additional toes on each paw and curled ears.

Tara couldn’t stop thinking about him because his owner couldn’t take him with them because they were leaving shortly.

She returned for the kitten after dropping things off at home.

The tabby was quickly smitten with his new mother, climbing into her lap and up her chest.

He kept his purr motor going and engaged Tara in a complete dialogue, as if to confide in her everything about his existence.

Sir Maximus Flip (or Max), the newcomer, felt right at home.

He followed Tara about and hopped on her lap as soon as she sat down.

From the start, it was evident that this little kid was a great attention seeker.

Tara presented Max to the rest of the furry rescue team once he had adjusted into his new home.

Mickey, a special needs cat with a personality to match, took the kitten under his wing.

He showed Max the ropes and encouraged him to play after a few friendly sniffs.

Max was interested in Mickey’s additional digits, and Mickey was intrigued by having a bigger playmate to tumble with.

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