Kitten who was spotted outside an office and comes wobbling to a cat and decides he will help raise him

A beautiful and orange kitten without a mother was discovered outside an office a few weeks ago.

He was cute and a little shaky on his feet. He was safely delivered to Alley Cat Rescue thanks to the kindness of others (in Los Angeles).

Frito, the kitten, was born with a cleft lip and was barely half the size he should have been.

Despite everything, he was hungry and pleased to be catered to.

Frito had a full stomach and his own bed for the first time in a long time.

With volunteers looking after him around the clock, the tiny man began to gain weight and learn about his surroundings.

His energy level increased, and he became more lively and curious.

The little tot insisted on having his foster mom by his side at all times until he was ready to meet other animals at the rescue.

His squeaks and meows reverberated through the air and into the ears of a local cat named Bubblegum.

The rescue’s resident gray cat has been an excellent kitten-sitter for numerous fosters.

He heard Frito whimpering from the kitten area and was eager to meet him.

Bubblegum was taken aback by the uncontrolled energy emanating from that little body when their paths eventually touched.

The hyperactive kitten fell in love at first sight.

Frito was smitten by his new companion, but he didn’t understand boundaries as he excitedly wanted to play and leap all over Bubblegum.

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