Kittens find family to help them and decide to nap on every lap they come across

The Cat Town Organization, a San Jose, California-based cat rescue, was notified about a litter of four kittens in need of foster care early last month.

Laura began feeding the four around the clock, cleaning them up and settling them into a warm, comfortable nest.

Cinna had difficulty latching onto the bottle, but the rest of the kittens, Finnick, Primrose, and Rue, settled in like pros.

The kittens were superb nappers, sleeping together or on top of each other on their bed.

When they were strong enough to waddle with their legs.

Laura’s husband, Foster Dad, was overjoyed to lend a hand.

Throughout the day, he cuddled each of the kittens and gained some encouragement from Finnick.

Who curled securely in his pocket throughout his Monday work meetings.

The cats achieved the one-pound mark in three weeks, making their foster parents very proud.

When the kittens were old enough to be weaned, Finnick and Cinna adapted quickly to canned food.

Furthermore, the cute cats discovered their new favorite slumber areas as soon as they figured out their legs.

The kittens would get into a warm lap and fall asleep.

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