Kittens really didn’t want to part with the police officer who saved their lives

In almost all countries, police officers are perceived with a slight tinge of negativity, because the law is harsh, and guards are inexorable.

In fact, they are almost always right, but they don’t take sides, which is why few of those who have been helped, they have warm feelings for them. Yes, they don’t ask – this is the work, but there are exceptions.

One fine spring day, two Texas cops were bumbed with a problem that made everyone happy.

Officer Joe Bob Atkins makes one of the most responsible job in the world.


Atkins and his partner were finishing up a simple theft in a convenience store when a worried woman approached them and said that her car was … crying. A strange sound came from somewhere below and she was afraid to do something, what if someone terrible was there?

Or, on the contrary, it turned out to be so. Atkins found two kittens in the recess of the bumper. The babies themselves could not get there, so someone put them there.

There was no time to take the kittens to the veterinarian, the duty wasn’t yet over, and therefore Atkins and his partner were diluted in a bottle of warm milk and fed the kittens in turn while patrolling the streets.

After the shift, they went to the veterinary clinic, and where they determined the age of the babies – 6 weeks.In the end they determined that they were healthy. The kittens were transferred to an animal shelter.

Atkins specially waited for the moment when the animals fell asleep in order to leave. He understood that he couldn’t look into the eyes of those whom he had saved.

And the kittens themselves fell in love with the big man during this long day, which was noted even by veterinarians.
Several weeks have passed since then, and the kittens were transferred to new families, and Atkins sometimes looks at the photos and remembers with light sadness those whom he saved.

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