Little girls are moved to tears after deputy reunites them with their missing dog

It’s always painful when a dog mysteriously disappears.

But after being reconnected with their beloved dog, one family’s tears of grief changed into tears of pleasure.

Therefore, Max, a dog from Bexar County, Texas, vanished from his owners in May.

His so sad and bothered family looked everywhere. That was something emotional and stressful.

Going to put up notices all throughout the area in the hopes that their dog will indeed return.

Max was characterized as a mixed dog, so-called hybrid, that was “very friendly” and “very calm and gentle”.

Max had gone missing and abandoned, so his family worried – though there was a break in the case that July.

According to the agency, Deputy Perez of the area of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint.

Regarding a dog that was “found wandering in the area”.

When Perez arrived on the scene, she identified the dog as being one she used to see on missing fliers throughout town.

He phoned the household, and sure enough, the dog was Max, who had been missing for several weeks!

After all, the whole family gathered together to party the coming back of its pet, that was missing them either.

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