Lonely dog finally finds solace in this baby and together they grow up

This puppy was abandoned as a baby and he was inconsolable, but the meeting with the baby changed everything and they became best friends. They grew up together from an early age, when both were three months old and this friendship is incredibly touching and sweet.

Kelly was a small dog and kind people found her tied to a fence. They did not know who did it, but the baby was very scared and did not understand what was happening.It was clear that she had been through a lot, and since the couple recently had a baby, they thought it would be great if they started to grow up together.

Despite the fact, that Kelly had been treated well from day one, she was still sad and unable to recover from the betrayal of her former owners.But when she saw Jan, everything changed radically, the dog immediately found solace in this baby.

Since at that time Ian slept most of the day, the parents decided to place him next to Kelly and so they fell asleep together and only in this way Kelly fell asleep peacefully for the first time, hugging the baby.

The parents managed to take a couple of wonderful shots of their son with the dog and publish them on their page on the social network. This was the beginning of a strong and long friendship, and to this day the couple is inseparable and it seems that they will be together for a long time.

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