Lonely dog has been waiting in shelter for over 7 years and begs someone to give her a ‘second chance’

There are so many poor and helpless animals at shelters simply waiting for someone to adopt them.

However, some animals take longer to be adopted than others.

Unfortunately, many animals wind up waiting years for their forever homes and begin to worry whether they’ll ever be able to go.

But no matter how old a dog is or how long they’ve been at a shelter, they deserve to be happy.

Now, one shelter is attempting to find a new home for one of their oldest canines.

So, using a devastating photo that conveys her whole life.

Ginger is a Labrador retriever mix that lives in Osage Beach, Missouri, near the Lake of the Ozarks.

She’s a kind dog that enjoys playing, but she’s never had a home.

She’s been at Dogwood Animal Shelter for over eight years, sitting in the kennels while other dogs get adopted.

But the shelter is hopeful that someone will take a chance on Ginger after seeing how long she has been waiting:

Ginger appears unhappy in her kennel in a viral photo, while a plaque outside reveals her tale.

“Hi, my name is Ginger.” “I’ve been here for seven years, nine months, two weeks, and two days.”

She is given a second chance and now is adopted, due to these touching photos.

The dog is treated by so kind owners and now lives a full life.

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