Macy the dog is competing for the title of the tiniest terrier in the world

At the moment, the title of the smallest dog in the world belongs to Chihuahua Milli from Puerto Rico. She entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2013 and now she can be moved from this place of honor.

In the Polish city of Jarocin lives a miniature terrier named Macy, which is 6.9 cm tall at the withers.

This is almost three centimeters less than the current record holder.

Imagine this tiny dog ​​can fit in a coffee cup.

When Macy was born, the owner did not even immediately realize that it will be puppy-sized. And then she began to carefully nurture him.

The woman took leave from work and looked after Macy like a child, helping the pup to drink from a pipette every hour. Touching concern helped save Macy.

In three months of his life, Macy gained only 100 grams. Today it weighs 250 grams.

But despite its size, the baby is very active, runs around the house and is no different from his brothers and sisters. The smallest dog in the world is so small that the expression ”a pocket dog” perfectly suits her.

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