Mama Kitten’s, whose children were sick, ran to the hospital herself and begged to help them.

In the yard of the city polyclinic, a pregnant cat began to walk around. The clinic staff and visitors immediately fell in love with her and fed her daily.

Purr was very affectionate and sociale. Soon the cat disappeared from view, and a couple of days later reappeared at the very entrance to the hospital. Moreover, not alone, but she was with her newborn kittens.

She took turns carrying her cubs to the optometrists, and the people themselves did not interfere at all, but on the contrary, made way.

Mommy made it clear to the doctors that her kittens needed help.
Doctors were shocked by the intelligence of the animal. The cubs had inflamed eyes and they were unable to open them.

The ophthalmologist performed an examination and called the veterinarian for advice. The kittens were helped and prescribed treatment.
After providing medical assistance, the kittens were able to open their eyes and see the world in all its variety. They are absolutely healthy and nothing threatens their lives.

After the kittens grew up and got stronger, the employees of the clinic took them apart, and the smart little kitty stayed at the hospital, where she is just adored and continues to be taken care of.

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