Meet Belle, a cat with the prettiest tail that resembles a squirrel’s tail.

In faraway Japan, lives and pleases her owners Belle – a kitty of the “Napoleonic” breed, which has a unique natural property.

There is no benefit from that peculiarity, except for collecting likes on social networks. But this is also a significant plus, we thought and decided to introduce you to Belle and her tail.

The tail of the cat is so long and fluffy, heavy and uncontrollable that by itself it bends forward, onto the back.

Add to this short legs, a round muzzle and increased fluffiness in general – we get a cat that is naturally confused with a squirrel. But Belle is already used to it.

As befits a celebrity, Belle eats, sleeps and participates in photo shoots all day. This fluffy miracle leaves no one indifferent and the number of Belle’s fans is growing all the time.

Indeed, Belle is very beautiful and noble. Although she has a unique appearance, this cat also love playing all the catish games, sleeping under the sun and cuddling her owners.

The name Belle is about the appearance of this cat. Just look at her pictures. It is impossible to stay indifferent to the uniqueness of this cat!

Belle is living proof that nature is rich in beauty.

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