Not a dog, but a close buddy, the clever dog assists the owner in pushing the submerged automobile out of the river.

People who have a pet dog, are lucky. These companions are supportive, loyal and always ready to help us. It turned out to be true in the story in which a selfless dog started helping his owner to unstuck a stranger’s car from a flood.

Lori Gillies from Scotland and her dog became local heroes after helping a stranger to get out of the floodwater.

The woman had his usual walk with the dog when she saw two women in a car that was stuck. Lori decided to help them and started pushing the car. Her dog also joined. A bystander noticed the unusual scene and filmed it.

Later Lorri says though the dog is 10 years old, he is in good shape.

Eventually, with the help of the dog, Lorri was able to move the car to dryer areas.

When Lorri heard of the ‘car operation’ video, she shared it on her Facebook page, praising her dog. The woman added that her dog got an extra big dinner for the heroic work he had done!

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