On the way to school, the girl saw a puppy shivering from the cold.He sat on the threshold of the store and looked hopefully at the child.

Julia Kapranova and her family love animals. Of course, the girl’s daughter also grows up as an indifferent child, and it’s hard for a baby to walk past a homeless kitten or puppy on the street. And one day, thanks to a girl, a charming dog appeared in the house …

Here is how it was. The child went to school, and, before reaching there, he called Yulia. The girl told her mother that she met a cute little puppy who was sitting on the threshold of the store. He was wet and shivering from the cold, it was the middle of December outside! Julia did not lose her head, and allowed her daughter to bring the animal home.

“Then we’ll think about what to do with it!” – said the girl.

And now a small puppy was already sitting in the house, still shivering from the cold and uncertainty. She was a pretty girl who could be given no more than two months to look at. The fluffy-looking baby turned out to be a skin-covered skeleton as soon as they started bathing her.The pet was so hungry that in the first days she simply lay down on the bowl with her whole body. Probably she was afraid that she would not get anything or that someone would take her food away from her.

Yulia’s husband was categorically against having a second dog in the house (the family already had both a dog and a cat). The girl and her daughter pretended to be looking for good hands for the dog, but in fact they were just playing for time, waiting for the heart of the head of the family to still tremble! And a month later, the man could not stand it, allowing his wife and daughter to leave the animal.

And what would you think? It was Hera (that was the name of the puppy) who became her father’s favorite! Now he gives her the most delicious pieces from his own plate and affectionately calls her “My Geranka”.

Thanks to this wonderful family for a home and a full life for a small lonely dog!

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