One happy and playful elephant gently scales a 5ft wall to steal mangoes.

Elephants are regarded to be very intelligent creatures, yet they are not recognized for their agility.

And yet, new evidence suggests that the biggest land mammal on the planet may also be highly agile.

The vacationers at the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park experienced something extraordinary and humorous.

An adult elephant climbed softly over a 5ft wall to grab mangoes from the safari lodge.

Despite its impressive maneuvers, the giant’s arrival was not ignored.

Elephants are regarded to be very intelligent creatures, and they are willing to play and have fun.

“He basically took the shortest path and made himself at home,” said Ian Salisbury, general manager of Mfuwe Lodge.

The thought of a climbing elephant pleased and amazed the guests.

They were astounded that it would climb such a high wall.

Therefore, he was unfamiliar to us. He wanted to look into it.

He desired to enter the middle region, where this large mango tree grew.

Elephants frequently visit the safari lodge trees in quest of mangoes, although they normally avoid them.

Mango season is, of course, between October and December.

As a result, the unexpected guest arrived a little late, took the mangos and ran away!

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